Advantages Access to deals
Mike McGuire’s unique experience and insight will help you solve your real estate needs. He’s been there and is here to help.
StandardsHere to serve
Mike McGuire is committed to the people who have put their trust into him. He constantly considers the best interest of his clients
Proposals Market analysis & Data
Mike McGuire will provide you with a free market analysis of your multi family property and/or the latest sales data and available properties.

Multifamily Sales

Selling and buying a multifamily takes experience and skill. Mike McGuire has dedicated himself to St. Louis Multifamily purchases and sales. He has more than 25 years of real estate experience. He has worked in all facets of the investment market—from high end cap rate properties to turn around, development opportunities. He personally has invested in literally hundreds of single family homes, multifamily, commercial and industrial properties.

He understands the different perspectives of everyone in the deal—because he has been on every side. Why not put his unique experience to work for you?!! Whether you’re looking to add to your portfolio or if you’re looking to buy your first multi family, Mike McGuire can help. He does it with discretion and care for your individual needs.

Mike McGuire is a broker-salesperson with Realty Exchange, the leader in multifamily sales in the St. Louis area. His position at Realty Exchange gives him access to opportunities that only his company and the other brokers can provide. Why work with a residential agent when an investment agent can give, and do, so much more?